December 20, 2007

Every new day is like a little gift from my enemies.

The cup of coffee I drank at the cafe this morning had the precise, overpowering aroma of wet dog.

The day pretty much went downhill from there.

I'd like to give a "shout out" to the jerks at the laundromat, my car, all undergraduates, my phone, ants, my iPod, my tooth, and my computer. You all know who you are.

Also, my car now receives only the following two radio stations: the terrible college station, which was playing a very long earsplitting song that sounded like funk mixed with opera, and a station calling itself "The Positive Alternative" which plays Christian hits for not-so-edgy youth. And interviews with Jars of Clay about their missionary work in Africa. Seriously, who knew Jars of Clay was still around?

I see what's going on here, though. Just because you're sticking it to me isn't going to make me believe in you, you jerk.

Posted by katie at December 20, 2007 08:45 PM