March 30, 2008

Retardcapades; or, our heroine breaks her blog

Seriously, how the hell do I fix it so the entries aren't weirdly indented and running way off the right side of the screen? I can't figure out what I did. Is it somewhere in the stylesheet?

Posted by katie at March 30, 2008 12:03 PM

Dude, I dunno. If all else fails I can start giving you chunks of my stylesheet to paste in over the chunks of yours that you changed. But then you'll have to start all over from looking like Snoqualmie.

Posted by: Dianna at March 30, 2008 12:24 PM

Gosh, I don't know what's wrong. I will say that the individual entry pages seem to be formatted correctly, so maybe you could use those as a starting point?

Posted by: MoltenBoron at March 30, 2008 02:53 PM

OK, with the help of my sister, we've got my main page fixed, if "fixed" means looking exactly like hers. But now everything else -- comments, archived pages -- has lost all formatting and just bleeds out to the edges of the browser window. Considering that I just cut-and-pasted exact copies of her templates, we can't figure out why this would be the case on my blog and not on hers. But you know what? It's 1 AM here, and that's the time that Katie quits fucking around with technology in favor of eating cookies in bed and watching cartoons on YouTube. Any geniuses with any ideas about what I did wrong, please let me know. In the meantime, I'm sorry that everything except my main page looks idiotic.

Posted by: katie at March 30, 2008 10:06 PM

Dude, are you still messing around with things? Because now the individual archive pages -- the ones you get when you click on the "posted at" link at the bottom of the entry -- look lovely too. But everything else is still lame.

Posted by: Dianna at March 31, 2008 09:23 AM

I haven't touched a thing. Some of the pages seem to have fixed themselves, and some are being difficult. I'm choosing to take this as corroboration of my claim that the blog originally broke itself without any help from me, too. Great. It's haunted.

Thanks for the exhausting tech support session the other night, BTW. How did the danish turn out?

Posted by: katie at April 1, 2008 11:41 AM

The danish are goddamn fucking amazing. They don't look anything like the sexy recipe picture, because I was impatient and put the icing on while they were still hot, but OMG they're delicious. I brought them to work today because otherwise I was going to kill myself by eating the whole batch at once.

Posted by: Dianna at April 2, 2008 09:40 AM